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Haidriver was officially listed as the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise”
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At the end of 2023, the China National Intellectual Property Administration publicized a new batch of intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises.  Haidriver was awarded the “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in 2023". On the afternoon of April 26th, 2024, the responsible person of Licang District Market Supervision Administration officially awarded Haidriver the plaque.

National intellectual property advantage enterprises refer to enterprises with comprehensive intellectual property strength, which are highly honored and evaluated by the state for their intellectual property management work.

After the awarding ceremony, the responsible persons and related personnel of Licang District Market Supervision Administration visited Haidriver’s factory and had a discussion on the current situation and development ideas of the company. Up to now, Haidriver has applied for more than 200 patents, participated in the formulation of 6 national standards and 4 group standards, and provided strong innovative technical support for tackling core technologies and developing high-quality products.

With excellent innovation ability and product advantages, the company has obtained many qualification certifications such as “High-tech Enterprises”, “Specialization, Refinement,Differentiation,Innovation of enterprises”, “Shandong Science and Technology Giant Enterprises”, and “National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises”.