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Haidiver and PowerChina Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd. Achieve Strategic Cooperation
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On November 30th, Haidriver and PowerChina Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd. Shandong Branch  (hereinafter referred to as "PowerChina Renewable Energy") signed the "Green Electricity Hydrogen Production Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement", officially achieving strategic cooperation.

According to the agreement, both parties will fully leverage their respective advantages and carry out comprehensive cooperation with "new energy+energy storage" as the starting point, jointly carrying out integrated applications of "renewable energy generation+electrolysis of water for hydrogen production+energy storage+grid peak shaving", and creating a comprehensive energy utilization model with hydrogen energy as the energy medium.

PowerChina Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd. is the only power generation enterprise under PowerChina engaged in domestic new energy investment and operation. It is the backbone of PowerChina's efforts to serve the new national energy security strategy and the "dual carbon" goals. The company has fully participated in the development and construction of onshore wind and photovoltaic power generation, as well as offshore wind and photovoltaic power generation in China. It has successfully participated in the development of the first batch of domestic photothermal power generation demonstration projects and off grid wind and solar diesel storage microgrid projects, actively explored new energy demonstration projects, invested in and built multiple demonstration projects in the field of clean energy, and created numerous industry firsts.

Haidriver is a typical representative of Shandong's advantageous hydrogen energy enterprises. Haidriver has laid out the hydrogen production business earlier, providing hydrogen production equipment with alkaline electrolyzers as the core and green electricity-green hydrogen overall solutions. Haidriver has a deep cooperation foundation with PowerChina Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd..

Next, taking the signing of this agreement as an opportunity, both parties will continuously expand the breadth and depth of cooperation, focusing on green electricity hydrogen production, green hydrogen application, and coordinated development of hydrogen storage. They will carry out comprehensive utilization of renewable energy according to local conditions, help optimize energy structure and low-carbon development, and achieve the dual carbon goals.