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Tsinghua University Students Visit Haidriver for Exchange and Learning
author: release time:2023-08-22 00:00:00 pageviews:725

Today, Haidriver welcomed a special group of visitors - the Social Practice Support Team from Tsinghua University's Xingjian College.

 The students successively visited the technology exhibition hall, laboratories, fuel cell production and testing workshops, as well as the zero-carbon demonstration project. They had a close-up experience of various hydrogen energy industry processes, from hydrogen production to utilization. They immersed themselves in the pulse of technology and innovation, as well as the promising prospects of hydrogen energy.

During the discussion and exchange session, leaders from Haidriver and doctoral representatives from Tongji University engaged in in-depth discussions with the students from Xingjian College about energy awareness, green energy, and other topics. This exchange not only deepened the students' understanding of green energy but also provided new perspectives on energy considerations. The student representatives actively participated, sharing their own insights and thoughts on energy. 

Focused on the hydrogen production and utilization industries,Haidriver is committed to continuously promoting technological innovation and product development in fuel cells and electrolytic hydrogen production equipment. During this exchange, the company showcased cutting-edge technologies and industrial applications of green energy to the students. It is hoped that through such exchanges, more young people's interest in the field of green energy will be sparked, collectively contributing to the vigorous development of the green energy industry.